Did you go into business to be an employer?
HR Consulting
We're not kidding!
HR Consulting services
  • Monthly Fee
How Do I Qualify?
  •  You must have at least 5 employees but no more than 25.
  •  U.S. based employees only.
How Do I Get Started?
  •  Complete the enrollment form and accept the terms and conditions.
  •  Schedule your orientation call.
  •  Install Slack on your smart phone and computer.
How Does It Work?
It's really simple! 

We use Slack to communicate back and forth on issues in real time. We're also able to share documents and initiate voice and video calls right from within the app.  

When an issue surfaces, a thought crosses your mind, or a question pops up, just open Slack on your smart phone or computer, and choose the "channel" you want to communicate with us on (you'll learn about channels during the orientation).

We'll answer your questions, provide advice, guidance and directions that are based on our extensive experience, constant research and network of subject matter experts.

We want you to succeed! We know that if we help you grow your business, you'll use our other paid services when the time is right. 
Meet Your HR Team

Robert Morley, Esq.

A bad-ass lawyer who takes no prisoners but does it gently. 

He's kind of like a hot towel after a gourmet diner at fine restaurant, he will clean you up and leave you fresh and satisfied.   

Morley specializes in employer representation. 

He's s small businesses' best friend.

Thomas Rock Lindsay, CPCU

24 years or Professional Employer Organization management experience has taught Thomas much about the practical aspects of being an employer.

He's an expert in employer matters who loves helping entrepreneurs take their organizations to the next level by mastering the role of an employer.

He's your utility player and go-to guy. 

Robert Attridge

This guy has lived and breathed payroll for almost 20  years. 

He's processed thousands of payrolls for thousands of companies.

Attridge, has seen every wacky scenario you can imagine. He can help you with anything and everything payroll related.... and more. 

He's a freakin' small business Swiss army knife! 

Examples of How We Help
A client hired a new employee to operate industrial equipment. They later found out that the employee was a medical marijuana user, and didn't know what to do.

We helped our client understand the employment laws surrounding an employee's medical use and created a policy to deal with it.

The employee was reassigned to a position where his and the other employees' safety would not be compromised.    
An employee asked for a raise on their first year anniversary so our client asked for help deciding what to do. 

We started by helping them create a detailed job description including a compensation range. 

Next, we helped them evaluate the employee's performance based on the position's requirements in the job description, and come up with appropriate pay rate. 
Time & Attendance
A restaurant owner was having a hard time keeping up with the shift scheduling due to constant changes from employees, and the occasional no-show.

Our client needed an automated system, so we presented a few software solutions and helped them implement the best one.

The dramatically reduced the time spent on scheduling shifts, filling holes and processing payroll due to the automation. 
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